About JAVA 


We are an educational, patriotic, fraternal organization dedicated to maintaining and extending the institutions of American freedom. Our members include veterans of WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, and the Gulf Wars. Although the majority of our members are Americans of Japanese Ancestry, our members are not exclusively Japanese Americans. Our "Friends of JAVA" include spouses, friends, relatives, and other supporters of JAVA's goals and objectives:

  • To provide assistance, as needed, to member veterans and their widows and dependents.

  • To perpetuate the memory of deceased Japanese American veterans.

  • To conduct educational programs to emphasize the contributions of Japanese American war veterans including speeches, and discussion panels for various civic, religious, political and educational groups.

  • To sponsor social and recreational activities in keeping with the patriotic spirit of national holidays.

  • To promote the spirit of patriotism and national pride among the younger generation, particularly those of Japanese ancestry.

  • To provide financial assistance and scholarships for needy and deserving dependents of deceased Japanese American veterans.

  • To liaise with other veterans' organizations, including Japanese American Military Intelligence Service, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and the 100th Infantry Battalion groups.


Our mailing Address:
P.O. Box 341198
Bethesda, MD 20827

JAVA President:
LTC Al Goshi, USA (Ret)
Vice President and Membership:
LTC Mark Nakagawa, USA (Ret)
CPT Wade Ishimoto, USA (Ret)
COL George Ishikata, ARNG
Executive Director:
Lt Col Michael J. Yaguchi, USAF (Ret)
Deputy Executive Director:
Website & General Administrator:
Beth Kelley

Outreach and Education:

CAPT (Dr.) Cynthia Macri, USN  MC (Ret), Chair
Quarterly Lunch:
Ms. Metta Tanikawa
The Advocate (Newsletter):
Beth Kelley
Chris DeRosa, Circulation
Round Robin:
LTC Brett Egusa, USAR
Freedom Walk:

Lt Col Michael J. Yaguchi, USAF (Ret)
Veterans Day:
Bruce Hollywood
At-large Members:
Marty Herbert, LTC, USA (Ret)
Jason Kuroiwa, LTC, USA (Ret) 


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